myLot and NeoBux paid me once again ! ! !

myLot and NeoBux paid me:


One of the trusted site for posting discussions and responding to discussions. It is a great place to have fun and at the same time earning. I have already told a lot about this website. Just join and have fun and earn.

All you need is to have a paypal account and thats it. You just register using the below link and start posting discussions and earn.

Calling all make extra money fans!
make extra money
Join me on myLot! Discuss make extra money and make a little money while you're at it.

NeoBux ---> Never leave this site for granted:

This is the site which had great fame in PTC industry and many are still trying to reach its place but none can do it. Here is my 11th payment I think. If you really wanna earn some bucks, you must join join this program.

Just click on the banner, register and start earning today. You will see the difference in your finances.

See you in the next post with other updates. Until then bye guys,...


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Never put google adsense on your PTC related Blogs !!!

My Google Adsense was banned:

It was a great blow last week when I saw my e-mail that my account was disabled. Long time back when I first got my google adsense account, I put on the ads in this blog. Just a month I was using here.

Later I came to know that it is against google policy that using google ads in sites that have contents related to "paid to ...." programs. Soon after knowing this, I removed google ads from this blog and used for my other blogs. This below link has the information about the policy for PTC or paid to click content.

It says "The term "pay-to" refers to sites that promise payment or incentives to users who click on ads, surf the web, read emails, or perform other similar tasks. Placing Google ads on such pages may result in invalid impressions or clicks and is therefore prohibited. Similarly, sites which primarily drive traffic to or discuss pay-to services are not permitted to show ads."

Later at the time of payment from Google, I was caught. The first week, they used to re-check all the traffic and clicks on your website or blog for the payment of last month. At that time, I hope my previous carelessness gave the fruit of disappointment resulting in the ban of my account.

Later I tried to appeal them but I got no response from them. So, never put google adsense on your blog that has paid to click contents. Anytime you will be banned. Many of them doesn't know this and soon they are banned.

It was a sad week guys. I am now trying to use adsense alternatives. I'll update all the alternatives which can best replace google adsense in my next post. Until then, its bye for now.


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Buxtro - Not known to many ! ! !

A great PTC after a long time: 

Got 2 payments this week: BUXTRO & NEOBUX

It is silent and getting a bigger picture. I am following this site from it's pre-launch. It has made a great design to its features and yes ofcoarse an instant $2 dollar payout.

We get 4 ads daily and with detailed statistics, this site looks great. Just see my proof of payment which I got yesterday. I really recommend this site and it is worth to join here.

BUXTRO's 1st payment

Earning on the net now becomes so simple with these kinda sites. Join soon and make use of the best now.

Just click on the banner posted below and register and start your clicks to earn money. You can soon reach the payment before you realize it. We can make upto 30 direct referrals for a standard member.

Make an extra part of income adding to your primary through these sites.

Got my NeoBux Payment too:

Those who have not joined in NeoBux, please join. This is the best site I have ever seen without any sort of problems, DDoS attacks or hacked. This is the best ever site which gives life to many PTC clickers today.

I am getting my payment every week. That is $10 dollars. Yes, believe me and see my payment proof.

NeoBux 10th payment

Never ever hesitate to join NeoBux. Trust as much as you could. Because I have seen many getting $1000 of dollars from this site.

Just click banner posted above and join and start earning money today.

See you guys with another trusted site to earn money online.


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NeoBux returned my SVBux investment ! ! !

Yes it's true:

As we all know that SVBux admin closed his site due to chargebacks from many members. But the good news for the investors are the admin of Neobux is gonna pay the investment to all the SVBux investors. I have got mine in less than 24 hours.

Today the Admin of Neobux has stated that he will return all the investments of the members of SVBux. But he is not the admin of SVBux. This what the statement he made in NeoBux forum.
  • Be a member of NeoBux for at least 3 months (we like old members).
  • Have had there at least one of the emails you have here (this is the only way we could confirm that you were a member).
  • Only cashed out 50% of the invested amount at the closed PTC (those who received more than 50% of the invest amount won't qualify).
  • Have at least invested 4 times the amount here at NeoBux than the amount invested at the closed PTC (if you invested more in a new PTC then you'll most likely make the same mistake again).
  • Had never made or attempted to make a chargeback/dispute/claim of your purchase at the closed PTC (if you did you'll most likely get it back). 

Thank God. I got the money in NeoBux rental balance today itself. I am glad. No one will never know what will happen in PTCs today...

This is the mail I got from NeoBux.

Those who want the payment back. Please react fast. I am sure you will get if you are eligible for the conditions mentioned above.

See you later guys..... Cheers


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How to start our own PTC website - For newbies

Start your own PTC website in seconds:

I have researched and googled many articles about "How to start our own PTC website"; but not got any good information. So, I have practically tested and found these would help a newbie to start a PTC website.

There are many things to be considered before starting a PTC website.
  • You need to have well balanced basement plan to start a PTC and running.
  • Your site must not have a design usual as the other ones. If it is similar, it must have an attractive slogan or advertisement to get members.
  • Estimate how much you are going to invest to start a PTC. There are companies that provide 24 hours hosting support with their own PTC script.
  • Plan your click rates and membership rates.
  • Plan your payout options whether or not to give instant payouts.
  • Plan your way of marketing. I suggest spending time and money in advertising will really reach a lot of customers and get good members for your site.
For a rich investment to start PTC:

Ok, let me come to the core. is a website that offers licensed PTC script for starting a PTC website. It may cost around $125- $150. They provide GEN3 script and these script are considered as one of the best script with enhanced functions and of easy use.

This is the first and foremost thing after the initial plans. The next thing is the design of your site. It must be unique and attractive that the visitor must become a member. is a great place to have some unique themes for your PTC. Themes may rance from $30 - $80 dollars excluding buttons, icons and chats windows. All include about $50 dollars. The video has three parts on how to install PTC script. It is not mine but a good one.

Next is the installation process. Unzip the files sent from PTCPay and trial the below instructions first and then go online.
  • Upload the contents of the 'Upload' directory to your root directory. MAKE SURE TO UPLOAD ALL FILES IN BINARY MODE OR IT WILL NOT WORK!
  • Give the files 'lib/lib_database.php' and 'lib/lib.php' and 'configuration.php' 777 rights. This can be done by using set permissions.
  • Create your MySQL database, and User.
  • Grant full access between your MySQL User and database.
  • Import the file 'Database File (SQL)/new_database.sql' into your database.
  • Edit your 'lib/lib_database.php' file and 'forum/lib/lib_database.php' and 'Includes/DBConn.php' and 'forum/connect.php' with your database information.
  • Make sure your SourceGuardian is installed correctly.Simply upload the 'howto-install.php' file to your root directory, run it in your browser, and
    follow the directions. You can find it in your 'Install/SourceGuardian' directory.
  • Go to and login using username 'admin'and password 'admin'.
  • Delete the 'Install' folder and all files under it.
  • Change your admin password and site settings.
  • After that, you should be done!
Google for some nulled scripts and work on that. Then start your PTC online with prelaunch version with some attractive discounts and make lot of members and earn money and also never start if you are not worthy to give payouts to the loyal members of your site.

PTC website with low investment:

If you have $25 dollars a month and wanna start a good PTC, just go to and register your domain and within 24 hours your site will be online. You need to spend on advertisements to get members for your site. But never try to start without having some money in your paypal or alertpay. If you want your site to live longer then make your members happy and be happy with little earnings initially. Then go for the big one.

Hope this helps.... See you guys on the next wonderful online earning opportunity....

************** Internet Money Only For You *******************

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Pursuit of Happyness -> 3 payouts this week !

SvBux, HkBuzz and paid to

                           Hello guys, I am back again with my other payouts. I really wanna thank you who have joined in acme-people-search and get benefited. One of the most legit and wonderful opportunity I have found to earn online is acme people search with a nice amount of payouts. Ok, let me come to this weeks payout.

SvBux - Simplicity And Innovativeness!

SvBux paid me around $12 dollars, HkBuzz paid me $2.00 Hk Dollars and paidto as-usual 6 cents. But it is my 10th payout... ^_^

Just see my proof of payments:                                  SvBux Payment:   

HKBuzz Payment:

This week is better than before. Yes, SvBux paid me and its a great site to earn a nice amount with profit. Its getting better and better than neobux and palmbux. The rented referrals average clicks are more than 2 and its really nice when compared to neo and palm. Instant payout too.

HkBuzz pays in hongkong dollars and it is one of the legit sites to earn money without any investment. 4-5 ads daily and we can make it up easily in a short period of time. .... Yes low payout but getting the payment 2 or 3 days once. Its a great site to earn not much but sure.

Hope you guys benefit from these sites as well. Just click the banner you wanna join and register and start earning today. . . . .

***************Internet Money Only For You*****************

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Acme People search - I'll tell you this clearly ! ! !

Dear people,

I really love this program. If you know this simple concept, its very easy and a workless job to get nice amount of money from the internet. As you know I have never promoted any scam sites here in my blog! ! OK let me come into this...

This program is nothing but a search engine which have a unique domain name (as you select during the step 2 process). Via this search engine, people can search for their friends, lost ones, loved ones, and other business people etc. Thats it all about.

There are just 3 steps in this program. Just click the below link and enter you e-mail id. Then you will receive a mail with your username and password to complete the 3 steps. I'll tell you this briefly:

Step 1: Affliatize

We need to just sign up the below mentioned 3 programs.

a) clickbank
b) HD Publishing
c) Mylife

and enter your user id in your acme-people search account. These three affiliate ids are used when people come to search their friends or loved ones, they will see 4 links below the search box like "Search by Phone, Search by SSN, Run a Background Check and Find Email Addresses" etc and if they buy this you get an extra bonus and you will be credited in your clickbank, HD publishing and mylife account for the particular sale. But it is not necessary for this program. You will have an extra income. Thats all.

Step 2: Monetize

Its the step which you must to complete for this program. Here you need to signup for a domain hosting account. There are various providers like hostgator, GDI, etc. But it is better going for GDI. Register in this as per the instructions provided on your page. Here in GDI, we have 7 days trial package. Just subscribe and all done.

Step 3: Advertise

When you complete the above two, the step 3 is done by tissa. For the first month he will advertise your site in google, yahoo and bing through his ad-campaigns. The next month if you need to continue your traffic, you need to extend the subscription with Tissa. Its just $29.95. But first month everything is free. 

Sign up the program, complete all the 3 steps, get the promised $125 and come out. No penny cost. If you wanna do a serious online business, you can continue here. Just try it out. Its quite a big amount right? Yes... But it is legitimate.. He is paying.... within 24 hours, you will get your $125 dollars...

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Do you know about Tissa godavitarne ?

Acme People search Engine - A Report:

              All is free - (Just for 30 days and if you need to extend your membership with Tissa you must subscribe) - But $125 is for sure! ! !

Dear people,

I was so busy last week and couldn't update my blog frequently. Anyways, today I wanna tell you about Tissa. Many would have heard this name. A great business man on the internet who gives his members $125 just for 3 steps. Its really easy guys....

Tissa Godavitarne---> Is he a scam artist or real business programmer? I have joined this program recently and I have researched this with many people and found that he is not playing any game with internet money makers. Here is my earnings:

One thing I have watched here is, daily payment proof updates, Yes... you may have seen some page with :"$125 proofs" or "a page with a beautiful big house". I too once neglected these pages but now wanna be serious in this program and found that it is not scam or any deceiving methods to earn money. The below link shows you the daily payment proofs Tissa is paying...

and his big house....

Just watch out this real cool youtube video and make your decision. 

All you need to do is three steps. Just finish these three steps and get the payment on the payday.... Guys its real ... Don't miss out his exciting offer... I regret for not doing this early... Now I am glad on my way in this program...

The below link shows the page where you need to enter your e-mail address and the security code given. Then check you mail and follow the instructions carefully and finish all the three steps and you are done.

If you still suspect me and feel suspicious about me, just google about Tissa Godavitarne and browse some youtube videos and comeback here and join in this referral link mentioned above.:) I really suggest this as the great money making program and hope you guys will join and enjoy earning more on the internet...  If you have any doubts, please comment and I'll be back with answers for all your comments.....

If you don't want to join and wanna just search for your friends... Use the link below:

See you guys on the next post.....

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Know how to earn in myLot - The most reliable PTP

myLot - Paying more than 3 years:

   Hello guys! I don't wanna say "you need to be a good writer". myLot ---> I have told a little about this site in my earlier post but now I wanna tell the tips and secrets to earn more even $4 - $5 dollars a day. Yes, I am telling the truth.

Many people never know about this great site, as an earning opportunity online. When you search for a PTC or an earning program to know whether it is legitimate or scam in google, this myLot tops up the page. Earning for having fun is the thing I leaned there... Just see my payment proof too.. It was for last month...

Just read below:
  • When you are joining under a person as a referral, you will be automatically added as your upline's friend.
After you log in to your account, you see the screen as shown below. Initially it looks fuzzy but we will be used to it.

  • Read the guidelines and TOS before starting. 
  • Join as many groups as you like and start responding to the discussions people make.
  • If you need to earn more, respond to others discussion more.
  • Post atleast 4-5 lines with good English and with a unique content of your own.
  • You can start your own discussion, but if you want responses to your discussions you need add more friends.
  • So, the nice way to add friends is responding to their discussions.
  • Try to post atleast 20 - 30 responses to have some good income daily.
  • Your earnings will be updated daily at the start of EST.
  • 15th of every month you will credited with the amount if you have reached the minimum payout.
  • The min payout is $10.00 and you can easily reach that if you are active.
  • You can upload photos to your discussions and that will be paid too.
  • You can even do tasks and it will boost up your earnings.

Calling all relationships fans!
Join me on myLot! Discuss relationships topics and make a little money while you're at it.

If you are really interested in making some money and wanna have a fun experience with people all over the planet, just register (Free) clicking the  above banner and be active there.

Last but not the least, you will be paid 25% from your referral earnings. But referrals need to be active. You will be addicted to it guys.... I am damn sure..

If you are joining using the above link, I'll help you there about everything,. Just PM me there after joining.. See you there guys.... Have a nice week ahead....

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Another scam site ! ! !

I got scammed by this nominimumbux:

                              There are some PTC sites with same designs but different colors. The first site which scammed me 99centptc with similar design. Then the other one is this.  The site I trusted among them is 'Cause I have heard good reports from it and many have been paid.

Thank God. I have not invested a single penny and not referred this site to many. I usually refer that I trust and got atleast a single payout. But here only the name implies "nominimumbux" but the minimum payout is $3.00. I got upto $2.00 and it gone without informing me. LOL.

Some days are really bad and some are good but today is a bad day with these kinda scammers. Wanna see the design I mention in most of the PTCs??

Here it is.....

I'll update you guys with any sites which are legit with these kinda designs. These designs are easy to use but really sucks when comes to payment. :))..

See you people on the next update with some real money making opportunities. 

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Yippee ! ! ! The next is from Trekpay ! ! !

My first payout from Trekpay:

My beloved readers ! This is getting so real... I wondered is it possible to earn money online. But now it is showing it's reality. Yes, I got my payment from Trekpay. Many of us would have heard about this site but those have not even know about this please read below.

See my proof people. This PTC site has some special features mainly for people who are tired of waiting for the ad to load. First and foremost it has no timer to wait for the ad to load like other PTC sites. As we know that all paid-to-click sites have timer to view the ads.

But this site has a feature called " T - Symbol". When we are viewing the ad page, anyone one ad page occasionally have this T - symbol. We need to click if we see that; otherwise, we will gain negative points and it may lead to account suspension.

                         This site doesn't look cool but it pays. Most sites have a beautiful design but go scam soon. :)).

Anyways, the next thing here is, we earn credits here daily not dollars. These credits are converted into dollars depending upon the profit that week. Yes, weekly once your credits are converted to cash. It may happen any day from tuesdays to thursdays. The minimum payout is $5.50 and don't worry, we can earn easily in a less period of time when compared to other sites.

If you really interested in making money online, just click the banner below and register and start earning today. Be active, otherwise you don't earn anything.

Just some 3-5 minutes we can view all the 10-15 ads daily and if you check more during different hours in a day you get more ads. The more ads you get, the more credits you earn. The more credits you get, the more cash you earn...

 See you soon with another update with a great legitimate site.....

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Making $100 a month in google adsense ? ? ?

Google adsense a short report:

                            I have told most of them about PTC, HYIP and paid to post and many other online earnings in my previous posts. Now let we come to know a little about google adsense. Many of them know google adsense, but don't know how to get earnings on that. Let me give some tips which I know about the earning in google adsense.
  1. Never let google adsense 'take it for granted'.
  2. Treat as a business and place the ads on the site which really has traffic.
  3. Share to everyone the uniqueness of your earning strategy.
  4. Frequent updates on your blog or website get daily visitors.
  5. Respond to comments you receive and visit their site and leave a comment there too.
  6. Unique article is needed for google adsense and I have seen many websites copying other stuffs. Never do that.
  7. The keywords are the most important strategy in google adsense to get traffic and for getting high paying ads.
  8. Make sure you use the right keyword in the right place throughout your content.
  9. Most of all follow the TOS and google policies in each and every blog you have.
Get keywords in the below mentioned link....

You can find some high paying keywords in the below mentioned url, but never start a blog for a keyword. Be a niche for your own content.

More keywords: You can click the below link and get more.
               When traffic hits your site, automatically you get clicks from most users. Advertise the site through digg, delicious and stumbleupon which really brings a lot of visitors to your site. Always keep in mind to post unique contents for your blog.

               Generate curiosity to the visitors to visit your site next time with special reports and news. Work hard initially and when you have constant traffic hits, you will relax and make money online with ease. Google adsense is one of the best to have a 'make money home' concept.. See you in the next post with more info and updates.

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SvBux is gaining fame and paying instantly ! ! !

Yes ! SvBux paid me:

                        Recently I have joined this site and I have also mentioned in my previous posts that SvBux is a hot paying program today and it is a great site to make money online and also for a work at home business.

Just see my payment proof and it is cool. I just casually joined this site but got into it interestingly and finally got my reward. Its payment is instant and through paypal and alertpay. Here the payment is $3.00. So I recommend you that this site is legitimate and the site owners are doing their job great. Nowadays making money online is really booming like anything and you can expect me for the updates of good programs to make extra money.
Just spare 15-20 minutes daily to get into online earning from these sites.
One day you will be rewarded for your work. I never tell you that this will be a income for you but you can have an extra income from these paying sites.

I trust that and you are seeing my proofs here in this blog. If you're really interested to work at home and want to get some free income without investing your money, just copy and paste the below URL in your browser, register and start earning online today.

Hope you all enjoy online earning... See you soon on the next post with more updates.

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HYIP - A Real Report ! ! !

Earning with HYIP:
                                     What is HYIP? ---> Many knows but most have never even heard of this term. HYIP---> High Yielding Investment Program. It is a place where risk business is involved; but productive if you are lucky.  Investment programs often does have slogans like " FIRST IN FIRST OUT" and "DON'T BE GREEDY".

                 Joining a HYIP is at the investor risk. 'Cause when you believe a HYIP today, they will be gone tomorrow. Everything involves risk here for a large amount of money. Let me give you some tips and ideas to join a HYIP.
  1. Search thoroughly the forums dealt with HYIP. I'll mention some of them in the end.
  2. Better go for long standing and really paying with high number of votes.
  3. Invest the minimum amount specified there and withdraw the profit you get daily. This may help you to get atleast some money you invested if they close their business early.
  4. Watch for new investment programs and join, spend less, get the payout and don't take risk being greedy if you've earned more than you invested.
  5. Invest, so that you never be scammed or loose your principle amount.
  6. If you are lucky, you get a lot of money. But be watchful in choosing HYIPs.
  7. Better have some amount in Liberty Reserve and Alertpay or PerfectMoney.
  8. These are the most online payment processors involved in HYIPs.
  9. If you really need to do any exchange from LR to AP or vise versa, there are links in liberty reserve exchangers.
  10. Last but not he least, Make Hay While The Sun Shines.
Forums for HYIPs:
Hope this helps you little about HYIP. See you soon with more updates.                 

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PalmBux leading NeoBux:

My 3rd payment from PalmBux:

Another great day today. Really when we receive instant cashout or any payment for our hard work, it is one of the most happier moments. Yes, PalmBux paid me my third payment. Its more than $6.00.

               PalmBux is now considered as the competitor to NeoBux. The advantage in palmbux when compared to Neo is, palmbux give us active rented referrals. When you rent referrals, the referrals will be active within the last 4 days. So, there is a great demand in renting referrals.

 It is one of the great money making opportunity online and a work at home program. Often, we have doubt whether NeoBux use bots for rent referrals. But here we can never have this thought. The referrals will always be active and we surely earn quickly here. I prefer palm compared to Neo. So, Legit PTC sites are one of the most welcoming programs for work at home and free online earning.

             If you really interested in joining palmbux, just copy this link in your browser and register and start earning today.        

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Cheepest way of advertising ! ! !

How to advertise your PTC site and get referrals?

                               Joining a PTC site is one part and getting referrals is the other. Earning without referrals in a PTC is quite tough and it takes longtime to reach the minimum payout. But, the referring tools and promotional banners in the site will ease these work to find direct referrals.

                       I never encourage to rent referrals to earn money quickly. When you rent referrals, you are investing your own money and you will never even get the full amount which you have invested  at the latter part. So, find ways to get direct referrals. Here arises the question, how and where to advertise?

                        There are many traffic exchange sites in which you can earn credits for visiting sites and a great place for putting your banners. I hope it will be the best way to advertise your banners. Traffic exchange sites help us not only advertise our site or banner but also gives us more vistiors if we have a good content in our site. Some of the good exchange sites are:
  1. Easyhits4u
  2. trafficswarm
  3. hitpulse
  4. trafficnowfire
  5. Entrecard and many more.
                        Last but not the least, just create a blog with your PTC banners and a short note for every banner and put the link of your blog in the traffic exchange sites. Thats it, visitors will see all your banners and join them as per their wish. This is the cheapest way of advertising. See you soon with more info.

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See How payment Proofs Are MADE...

One Second - You will a millionaire:

Sounds funny huh? It is really a funny thing. Tell me the difference between these two picture in the image below. Can I make $21,456 using this blog? ha ha ..There the fun part begins....

I have made this. In fact, I just tried this. I was amazed and shocked....

Yesterday I was just viewing some videos in you tube about google adsense. But this video got my attention. Just played it and was really shocked. You can be a millionare in seconds. Just paste/ type the code after you login to your account and booooooom ! ! ! ! You can edit anything you want on the site.

                  Don't worry, nothing will happen to your account. Only the editing part open and you can edit anything and put as your payment proofs. Good Lord, the world is inserting its head into the sin cheating everyone..... I can't say more..... I have to put the video link here, so that everyone will be aware of fake payment proofs..... Don't forget to see the link of the person's website. (404Defender)

Guys, never ever join any sites or invest, unless you believe that person..... Good luck readers... See you soon with other interesting fact....

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Brand New Unique PTCs to join:

New Fresh PTCs to earn:

                          I came across many PTCs nowadays which consumes less of our time and worth some extra money each. I filtered out some of the best with some good reputation, design and unique script. I hope these will pay as they are in initial stage of the launch. As I have said in my previous posts, new PTCs will pay initially to maintain their reputation in the industry.

                   Below are the new ones I have joined recently. I am not going to put any links or banners as it is against google policy, so just know about the programs and comment on it if you have any clarifications.
  1. UpBux:

  • UpBux is officially launched in 05-10-2009.
  • Total users 10,764.
  • New ways to make money by playing - blackjack and heads and tails.
  • Each ad worth $0.01 for standard members.
  • Payment is instant through paypal and alertpay.


        Hope we can enjoy the initial stage and make the most of now. It it lasts longer, it will our luck to earn more like Neo or palmbux.

The amount of members in a short period of time is the success of this PTC. Hope all of them get paid.

The next one I have joined recently is Chillcash.

2.  Chillcash:

                       It is also a new launched PTC with a cool degisn with instant payments. Launched in 23-09-2009 and still now going good. Total members is less but we have 5 ads daily and we can earn pretty good in this.

We can try this out as this still in the initial stage.

Always 'first in first out' is the motto to remember while joining PTC or any other HYIP (High yielding investment program). Nowadays HYIP even suits PTC as HYIP is investing money and PTC is investing time.

I hope these two sites will stand to some extent if we join today.

See you with a next brand new post with lots of updates in earning money from legit sites.

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Strategy of NeoBux Earning:

Earning in Neobux without investment:

                       NeoBux---> The No.1 site in the world of PTC and the one which pays instantly even if it is $1000 dollars. I am great admirer of this site and I have joined 2 months before and I am golden member now earning $2.00 dollars a day and earned a total above $90.  There are some techniques involved in earning there. I'll list out some of them and hope will earn a little more effectively from these strategies.
  1. After you join NeoBux; start clicking the allocated 4 ads daily without any procrastination.
  2. Within one month you will mostly finish your 100 clicks and you will be earned atleast $1.2 and now it is your turn to rent referrals to get the target of $2.00 quickly
  3. Initially you rent 3 referrals and that too you are not going to invest but you are using your account balance in Neobux.
  4. Then keep clicking the ads and reach your minimum of $2.00 and get the payout instantly and start getting direct referrals using the payment proof.
  5. Then if you need you can rent some more referrals and then start reaching 500 as the limit of your rented referrals.
  6. I too hear some news that the limit is 300 nowadays. But not sure but you can check it out from the site.
  7. This is the target for you initially as each day you can earn atleast $2.00 when you have 300 or more referrals.
  8. Now, upgrade your membership to golden and there opens the  doors to magic earning. You can see that your income gets doubled and the referrals click value goes to $0.01 after the upgrade.
  9. Then you get 9-12 ads a day for a golden member and you can earn $10.00 a day and it goes on.

Managing Rented referrals:
                         How to mange such a large number of referrals? This will be the first question to pop on our mind. There are ways:
  1. Initially after you reach 50 referrals, turn on the autopay option.
  2. This will deduct one cent from your account if a referral clicks on his ad and add his 30 days referral period to one more day. So, you need not have to worry about renewing the referral after 30 days of time.
  3. If you see a rented referral have average of more than 3 ads a day; then extend his renewal time upto 90 days with a discount price.
  4. Check each day the performance of your rented referrals.
  5. Recycle often when a referral's average is less than 1.5 or he/she hadn't clicked for 4-5 days.
  6. The good management of the referrals get us more income in Neobux.
                    I have got 9 payouts from NeoBux and it is a site which always stays at the top and rocks. See you on the next interesting topic.

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Tips to get success in earning through PTC ! ! !

Ways to earn effectively in PTC:

                             We often think that most of the PTCs are scam. That is true but there are ways to find out good PTCs and also earn from it quickly. eventhough it is new and unknown.  These are the steps I filtered out from my experience:
  1. Just google about the site and read forums and investigation reports of a PTC site and then join.
  2. Join the site if and only if you will be active clicking ads daily.
  3. Dedicate some specific time in clicking ads daily and check it often (if you could); so that you may not miss some mini advertisements worth of some cents.
  4. Join a new PTC as soon as the launch 'cause, the one which is new will always concentrate on its reputation initially. So, they will surely pay atleast for the early members.
  5. Never take risk in upgrading or renting referrals in a new PTC site.
  6. Rent referrals only in some LEGIT and good PTCs having a long run atleast for a year. I recommend Neobux and PalmBux.
  7. If you have good time in spending for PTCs then go for GPT (get paid to) programs where the ad value may be less but more ads and more other programs will be on their site.
  8. Join sites which have a instant payment with minimum of $2.00. So, that we will be happy if we get the money instantly after a long time of work.
  9.  After getting atleast one payout, start advertising with your banners or other means to get some direct referrals to join under you to earn the next payout soon.
  10. If you feel the site will go for a long run, then try to invest a little money to rent some referrals and that too from the payout received from that site. So that you won't loose any money if also it is scammed.
How to get direct referrals:

                              Getting direct referrals is not so easy. But it is possible. But I can't assure that we will get active referrals under us. The below mentioned are some of the ways I got success in direct referrals:

  1. Put your banner in every possible sites like easyhits4u, hits4pay and also in the PTC sites if you earn some credits.
  2. Go to your friends and tell them orally that you have earned online and show the proof if you have one. Try to convince them if they are really interested.
  3. Use chat as medium to get direct referrals. I use Yahoo chat and MSN messenger.
  4. Simply enter into any room any room and broadcast "Those who want to earn online - Please buzz me. I have payment proofs" like that.
  5. You will surely get one or 2 a day. The next thing immediately you have to do is help the referrals as much as you can; so that they might me interested in helping you at the same time earning for them.
Legacy PTCs and new PTCs and Trusted PTCs:

                              There are some legacy PTCs which are paying for more that 3 years and more. I'll put the banners here.
  1. wordlinx
  2. clixsence
  3. Linkgrand
  There are some Trusted PTCs and they are paying well and good till today with instant payout and are known to most in PTC world. They are:
  1. NeoBux
  2. PalmBux
   But there are may new PTCs are now. I cannot list all and I will put the banners here which I trust the most. If really interested, feel free to click the banners and register and start earning today.
  1. SVBux
  2. HyBux
  3. TurquADs
  4. arclicks
  5. HKBuzz
  6. RowBux:
These are the sites I trusted mostly with some nice payments and trusted as of now. Hope you have got something from this article. Please comment for any queries and suggestions. Your suggestions are highly welcomed.

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Hurray I am glad ! ! !

Got my second payout from PTCBux:

I am so glad that I have got my 2nd payout in PTCBux. This is not a well known site to many but it really pays. I got my $0.50 today. They have less ads but their payment is real. I doubted whether they pay me or not as their ads are keep on going down but luckily they are still paying and I too get paid.  Payout is really fast and they pay through PAYPAL and ALERTPAY.

They pay $0.50 through Paypal and in $2.20 in Alertpay.

We can click upto 3 banner ads and 3 read ads. We can earn much easy in a short period of time. Please click the banner and register and start earning if really interested in making some real money.

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Some more LEGIT PTCs to make money:

SvBux & ArClicks:

                                    After a while around with most of the scam PTCs these two are heard stable ; giving instant payments to all trusted members in the site.


        This site has a new script for viewing ads and esp., not copied from anyone. Viewing ads is simple and good. The ads are unique and it is not seen in many websites. Each ad worth $0.01; so as a standard members you can click 4-5 ads daily. The minimum payout is $3.00. We can also rent referrals in their site at four timings mentioned there. Payments are done instantly through PAYPAL and ALERTPAY.


Please read some views from the people around the planet. These discussion can convince you to join the site. I going to reach the payout in the near future may be in 4 or 5 days. After that I'll post the proof of payment.

SvBux - Simplicity And Innovativeness!

I never heard anything bad about this site and as far as the views are concerned it is one of the best site in PTCs today.

             This site has some good feature and have a attractive design with a unique script. This site resemble the same as Neobux in many features. The only thing mainly concerned here is the worth of each ad , which is $0.0075. They have 4-5 ads daily.


As you can see from the banner, I have already earned $1.13. The payout is $3.00 and will post the proofs as soon as I receive the payment. It takes another few days to reach the payout. The sites has a forum and also many recent payment proofs has been posted. Check it if you need.

If interested, just click the above banner and register and be active spending few minutes a day. One day you will surely get the reward.

Visit here often for many updates on sites which really pays.

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