Tips to get success in earning through PTC ! ! !

Ways to earn effectively in PTC:

                             We often think that most of the PTCs are scam. That is true but there are ways to find out good PTCs and also earn from it quickly. eventhough it is new and unknown.  These are the steps I filtered out from my experience:
  1. Just google about the site and read forums and investigation reports of a PTC site and then join.
  2. Join the site if and only if you will be active clicking ads daily.
  3. Dedicate some specific time in clicking ads daily and check it often (if you could); so that you may not miss some mini advertisements worth of some cents.
  4. Join a new PTC as soon as the launch 'cause, the one which is new will always concentrate on its reputation initially. So, they will surely pay atleast for the early members.
  5. Never take risk in upgrading or renting referrals in a new PTC site.
  6. Rent referrals only in some LEGIT and good PTCs having a long run atleast for a year. I recommend Neobux and PalmBux.
  7. If you have good time in spending for PTCs then go for GPT (get paid to) programs where the ad value may be less but more ads and more other programs will be on their site.
  8. Join sites which have a instant payment with minimum of $2.00. So, that we will be happy if we get the money instantly after a long time of work.
  9.  After getting atleast one payout, start advertising with your banners or other means to get some direct referrals to join under you to earn the next payout soon.
  10. If you feel the site will go for a long run, then try to invest a little money to rent some referrals and that too from the payout received from that site. So that you won't loose any money if also it is scammed.
How to get direct referrals:

                              Getting direct referrals is not so easy. But it is possible. But I can't assure that we will get active referrals under us. The below mentioned are some of the ways I got success in direct referrals:

  1. Put your banner in every possible sites like easyhits4u, hits4pay and also in the PTC sites if you earn some credits.
  2. Go to your friends and tell them orally that you have earned online and show the proof if you have one. Try to convince them if they are really interested.
  3. Use chat as medium to get direct referrals. I use Yahoo chat and MSN messenger.
  4. Simply enter into any room any room and broadcast "Those who want to earn online - Please buzz me. I have payment proofs" like that.
  5. You will surely get one or 2 a day. The next thing immediately you have to do is help the referrals as much as you can; so that they might me interested in helping you at the same time earning for them.
Legacy PTCs and new PTCs and Trusted PTCs:

                              There are some legacy PTCs which are paying for more that 3 years and more. I'll put the banners here.
  1. wordlinx
  2. clixsence
  3. Linkgrand
  There are some Trusted PTCs and they are paying well and good till today with instant payout and are known to most in PTC world. They are:
  1. NeoBux
  2. PalmBux
   But there are may new PTCs are now. I cannot list all and I will put the banners here which I trust the most. If really interested, feel free to click the banners and register and start earning today.
  1. SVBux
  2. HyBux
  3. TurquADs
  4. arclicks
  5. HKBuzz
  6. RowBux:
These are the sites I trusted mostly with some nice payments and trusted as of now. Hope you have got something from this article. Please comment for any queries and suggestions. Your suggestions are highly welcomed.

30 comments to "Tips to get success in earning through PTC ! ! !"

  • I always thought that in just have to log and that's it... i never thought there are better ways to earn from them... This is a great post you did here... it helps a lot of people who are into PTCs as well.

  • this is the super article,i like to join the PTC and join,it is a nice way of earning,thanks for sharing.

  • thanks for the blog you make. I learned alot from you. Anyway keep posting more of this, You will help a lot of people. especially those who left PTC as their source of income

  • i was eagerly awaiting that some one would guide me in choosing the genuine ptc over scam ptc,and fortunately i saw ur blog and ur tips will definitely help me in finding the genuine ptc.good tips and will guide the beginners who wants to earn money from home

  • the post is very useful...for the guys who want to make money with the best wat that pay high is PTC....bux is very good site of such example so.....thnx for post !!

  • I have bookmarked this post. Very useful. I have just started with PTCs and have been put off by scams. Your list of stable and legit sites along with the info is most valuable.

  • This article is very good for those people which wants to make money from home. people know about the PTC sites the best way to make money.

  • PTC is really effective way to earn some money online but only when follow the tips and tricks which is describe in this article briefly and whole PTC earning method depend how much you are active to promote the site you join and its key factor to earn some handsome money.

  • I think do some referral exchange can also brings you more referrals but you have to spend more time to click.And I think finding a legit PTC is not easy,you must do a lots of research before you promote any site

  • Well, I've signed up for Neobux which is a legit PTC site, for sure. I trust this site, but am not sure about hiring paid referrals. Thanks for letting me know about several other less known legit PTC.

  • this blog is really useful to me i am new to ptc sites , this are very useful information for the people like me, thanks for posting.

  • oops ! i kinda missed the band wagon.

    My friend gattu send me an invitation of PTC site which i did not join.
    After reading about Legacy, trusted PTC's thinking of joining the PTC''s

    thx for info, keep posting

  • Yaa it is very important to know which sites are legit and which are scam sites. I only signup with trusted PTCs. Keep your updates on new sites.

  • This alright,i hope this site is not scam.

  • This was the one that i woz searching for since there are amny sites itz very difficult to find out a good site.thakx for the information brotha.

  • I'm new to PTC and I got some useful informations here from this article. Thanks a lot!

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  • your article really help newbie like me in PTC world improve experience and earn more from PTC world with fewer effort

  • you are right many new ptc are concentrating to pay for early members i was giving more attention
    to low payout sites im also doing neobux and also thank you for providing new sites like row bux

  • in my opinion PTC sites dont pay a healthy return, but some are there which pay you very well, like

  • thank you for the pointer you wrote, this the kind of information we need if we want to go into PTC. It's hard to get information about PTC because you always end to referral link and adverstising but not this kind of information.

  • nice post. thanks for this useful article even i am not very fans of ptc site but there are many ptc sites are legit.

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    Thanka a lot to BC that i came across ur blog..

    keep it up man


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    Thanks sharing

  • hi your sites on ptc are good.i have registered in them.but can u tell me to create banner. i am not having any banners

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