Strategy of NeoBux Earning:

Earning in Neobux without investment:

                       NeoBux---> The No.1 site in the world of PTC and the one which pays instantly even if it is $1000 dollars. I am great admirer of this site and I have joined 2 months before and I am golden member now earning $2.00 dollars a day and earned a total above $90.  There are some techniques involved in earning there. I'll list out some of them and hope will earn a little more effectively from these strategies.
  1. After you join NeoBux; start clicking the allocated 4 ads daily without any procrastination.
  2. Within one month you will mostly finish your 100 clicks and you will be earned atleast $1.2 and now it is your turn to rent referrals to get the target of $2.00 quickly
  3. Initially you rent 3 referrals and that too you are not going to invest but you are using your account balance in Neobux.
  4. Then keep clicking the ads and reach your minimum of $2.00 and get the payout instantly and start getting direct referrals using the payment proof.
  5. Then if you need you can rent some more referrals and then start reaching 500 as the limit of your rented referrals.
  6. I too hear some news that the limit is 300 nowadays. But not sure but you can check it out from the site.
  7. This is the target for you initially as each day you can earn atleast $2.00 when you have 300 or more referrals.
  8. Now, upgrade your membership to golden and there opens the  doors to magic earning. You can see that your income gets doubled and the referrals click value goes to $0.01 after the upgrade.
  9. Then you get 9-12 ads a day for a golden member and you can earn $10.00 a day and it goes on.

Managing Rented referrals:
                         How to mange such a large number of referrals? This will be the first question to pop on our mind. There are ways:
  1. Initially after you reach 50 referrals, turn on the autopay option.
  2. This will deduct one cent from your account if a referral clicks on his ad and add his 30 days referral period to one more day. So, you need not have to worry about renewing the referral after 30 days of time.
  3. If you see a rented referral have average of more than 3 ads a day; then extend his renewal time upto 90 days with a discount price.
  4. Check each day the performance of your rented referrals.
  5. Recycle often when a referral's average is less than 1.5 or he/she hadn't clicked for 4-5 days.
  6. The good management of the referrals get us more income in Neobux.
                    I have got 9 payouts from NeoBux and it is a site which always stays at the top and rocks. See you on the next interesting topic.

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