NeoBux returned my SVBux investment ! ! !

Yes it's true:

As we all know that SVBux admin closed his site due to chargebacks from many members. But the good news for the investors are the admin of Neobux is gonna pay the investment to all the SVBux investors. I have got mine in less than 24 hours.

Today the Admin of Neobux has stated that he will return all the investments of the members of SVBux. But he is not the admin of SVBux. This what the statement he made in NeoBux forum.
  • Be a member of NeoBux for at least 3 months (we like old members).
  • Have had there at least one of the emails you have here (this is the only way we could confirm that you were a member).
  • Only cashed out 50% of the invested amount at the closed PTC (those who received more than 50% of the invest amount won't qualify).
  • Have at least invested 4 times the amount here at NeoBux than the amount invested at the closed PTC (if you invested more in a new PTC then you'll most likely make the same mistake again).
  • Had never made or attempted to make a chargeback/dispute/claim of your purchase at the closed PTC (if you did you'll most likely get it back). 

Thank God. I got the money in NeoBux rental balance today itself. I am glad. No one will never know what will happen in PTCs today...

This is the mail I got from NeoBux.

Those who want the payment back. Please react fast. I am sure you will get if you are eligible for the conditions mentioned above.

See you later guys..... Cheers


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