Cheepest way of advertising ! ! !

How to advertise your PTC site and get referrals?

                               Joining a PTC site is one part and getting referrals is the other. Earning without referrals in a PTC is quite tough and it takes longtime to reach the minimum payout. But, the referring tools and promotional banners in the site will ease these work to find direct referrals.

                       I never encourage to rent referrals to earn money quickly. When you rent referrals, you are investing your own money and you will never even get the full amount which you have invested  at the latter part. So, find ways to get direct referrals. Here arises the question, how and where to advertise?

                        There are many traffic exchange sites in which you can earn credits for visiting sites and a great place for putting your banners. I hope it will be the best way to advertise your banners. Traffic exchange sites help us not only advertise our site or banner but also gives us more vistiors if we have a good content in our site. Some of the good exchange sites are:
  1. Easyhits4u
  2. trafficswarm
  3. hitpulse
  4. trafficnowfire
  5. Entrecard and many more.
                        Last but not the least, just create a blog with your PTC banners and a short note for every banner and put the link of your blog in the traffic exchange sites. Thats it, visitors will see all your banners and join them as per their wish. This is the cheapest way of advertising. See you soon with more info.

11 comments to "Cheepest way of advertising ! ! !"

  • Hello friend just dropping by reading some of your posts.Traffic exchanges sometimes get a bad wrap but can be really effective,I noticed that you don't have Easyhits4U as one of your exchanges, not trying to spam you here or anything but I honestly tried most of these exchange sites and I must say that I had the most success with easyhits mainly because of their customizable splash pages they also offer 1:1 exchange ratio for free members and they pay you for referrals that surf over 100 sites.I got all my NeoBux and TrekPay referrals via easyhits its really the best..You should stop by my blog under the trusted sites link find easyhits4u.There I posted an example of one my splash pages I made for NEOBUX check it out :)

  • Hey you also forgot to mention about . it has agreate anti cheat system so that you get real visitors not bot .

  • i have already registered some ptc sites but i was never try to make referrals but now i know about its benefit thanks for your good information

  • This comment has been removed by the author.
  • am a member of other PTC sites also, and i should say that the payout is fine. those sites i've tried are user-friendly. i'll try your recommended sites also. thanks for sharing this post.

  • I havent try to put advertising about my sites. Just a matter of lack time. I hope someday I do. The sites you mention, I think a good starting point.

  • from 5 website that you have mentioned above, i have registered on 2 website. And i think exchandehits4u and hitpulse are good in advertising our ptc program. i never join on 3 website else and i should try for them. thanks for sharing your review about it..

  • I've a blog & I need some genuine websites for traffic. I'm going to join the sites listed here. thanks for the information.

  • i also advertise my site. I do it through easyhits4u... i agree with you. it is a cheap way to advertise.I have not spent a single penny in there!

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  • There are a lot of ways that can be used to create innovative advertising. One of the newest ways is rather clever. All the company does is put down the slightest bit of information about their company or product, or perhaps nothing but the website name. People are naturally curious, and so this advertising method is rather effective, due to that fact. There are many other advertising methods that can be innovative.

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