I should have told about myLot earlier :

                                   Yes. Of coarse it is true. I joined in this site a couple of months ago and I am overwhelmed by the interests shown by the people around the globe in this site. Let me share this clearly.

myLot is be a PTP (paid to post) site where you can post your own discussions, respond to others, comment for the responses you received for the discussion you started, uploading pictures etc, etc... and much more. You can post a topic anything under the sun within the site guidelines. Long story short, whatever you do on this site you get paid.

This site is one of the trusted and LEGIT site which has more than 185,000 members taking part in discussions around the globe. They pay on or before the 15th of every month. The minimum payout is $10.00 and through paypal. Your earnings are updated daily and you get 25% of the income from the members you refer. All you need is to stay there active.

Calling all life fans!

Join me on myLot! Discuss life topics and make a little money while you're at it.

Many people don't know about this treasure. In fact I have learned there a lot about earning on the internet. Just have a look at some discussions. You will be amazed. I've pasted my payment proof too. If interested just click myLot anywhere in this post and register.

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Good and Bad things today in PTC

Adflashers gone scam: (bad thing first)

My payment was delayed for more than 15 days and when I queried for the payment they told to get the refund; and I too sent a mail regarding my refund but I got the mail shown below.


As part of your refund process we have reviewed your account. We
discovered that you have already withdrawn more than you have paid in.
Therefore we would need you to return the payments sent to you before
a refund can be issued. Please let us know if you need further

! ! ! Please do not join Adflasher ! ! !

Is this a business ? As per the FAQ mentioned in their site, my payments will be settled within 7 days. But, they are not pretty good in maintaining the initial success they had.


4th payout from Bigkahunaclicks:

I have received my 4th payout in bigkahunaclicks. The payout is less $0.04 but with signup programs in the site we can able to get $0.10 for each. Here I am posting my payment proof received yesterday.

These may be a little amount but these sites are really paying and are trust worthy.

If you are really interested to earn some few cents at your free time, it is a nice opportunity. Just click the banner and register and start earning.

9th payout from

I need to tell you about this site. The payout is low but will get an assured payment every four days is you are active. Getting more referrals earns more here. It is somewhat similar to bigkahunaclicks but only a 5 sec timer to view ads.

You will be re-directed to a website where you can register.

I have pasted my payment proof here. Just see if you are interested.

Will see you soon with more updates.

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New Legit Sites Update:

Another 2 new legit sites:

Yesterday I have joined 2 new sites. 'Cause I was lil fed up clicking tons of ads in one website. I like to click only 4-5 ads a day in one website worth of $0.01 cent each. I took less time and it earns more.

1) HyBux:

             It is a PTC site and it is considered to be a LEGIT one till now. Many forums, blogs and discussions has confirmed it as a LEGIT one. So, I have put my step forward and joined this site and within 2 days I have earned $0.16 cents. The site has good number of ads daily worth a cent each. So, I'll soon reach the payout. Please see the discussions and comments from people regarding this site.



But one thing I have noticed is that, the payout wait time is 48 hours. It is not instant. But this program is legit.

If interested, just click the below banner and join. I have not reached the payout yet but consider it as a Legit one.

The next site which I was talking about is doing simple tasks. The program is called microworkers.

2) Microworkers: 
                   Here in this site we can do simple tasks like signing up in a site, clicking google ads, commenting on blogs, adding bookmarks etc,. It is so simple and international members are welcome and it provides a minimum of $0.10 cents as the least and goes upto $0.35. Americans are paid more, though there are many jobs for international members too. I have earned a $1 in a day. The payout is $10 and it will be paid within 2 weeks.

The below link is my referral link and you can join here and it is a site which is still running from 2002. Just make use of the best now.

Stay glued. I'll be back with many updates on PTC and other earning strategies on the internet.

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PalmBux Payout

My 2nd payout from palmbux:

Just have a look on my payout from palmbux. I have joined here recently and I have got my second payout of $4 dollars and that too instantly.

Really it is that kind of easy just to click 4-5 ads daily and we can reach the payout soon. If really interested in making money online, this is the time. This is one of the legit PTCs considered as the best one after Neobux. Just click my banner below and register and start clicking ads daily and you will soon reach the payout even before you know.

All you need is to have a paypal account and you will be paid to that and you can transfer your amount to any bank in your country. Or else just click the banner below and register.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

Just spend your free time in earning on the net. It is so simple...

See you with another payout....

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Another Payout from NeoBux:

The 6th Payout from NeoBux:

Guys, its really cool and NeoBux rocks..... I am golden member there and I am earning $2 dollars a day and getting my payout regularly without any investment. Why can't you just try once and get an extra income added to your account? Just click the banner and register and start earning today. Guys, its true.....

Just see my payment proof...

Just check and decide whether to join or not..... The most important thing to note here is the payout is instant....

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Traffic Exchange Sites:

I have found some great traffic exchange sites on the net and they are the most top ranked sites in traffic exchanges... Many know about But few don't know about it.. This is just for them

Just click the banner and register and start getting traffic to your website.

One of the best traffic exchange sites I have found on the internet. You can earn too. Min payout is $3.00.

1:1 Traffic Exchange

The next one I prefer mostly is Hitpulse. This is one I get more traffic to my site. It is one of the most trusted and high rated traffic exchange sites.. Just register clicking the banner and start generating traffic to your site.

Will be updating more ... Stay glued.....

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Got my payout in two sites today:

Another payment from HKBuzz and

I have recently joined some PTCs and these two are good to get the payout quickly. Just a few a cents but within a few couple of days we can reach the payout. Please see my proofs on the links section.

By clicking the below banner, you can register to the site and start earning. The payout is very minimum and in a day or two you can get it.

HKBuzz pays us in hongkong dollars and we can click 5-6 ads worth $0.01 cents of Hongkong. It is easy to reach the payout there also. I have no referrals here but reached the minimum payout of $1.00 hongkong dollars....

You can register and start earning by clicking the below banner.

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Definition of PTC :

What is a PTC :

PTC is a short form of Paid-To-Click. The advertisers pays to the website in which we register for their products to be reached to real people. The profit got by the website owners is shared and given to us. Long story short, Paid-To-Click is an online business model that draws huge amounts of online traffic from people aiming to earn from home. All we have to do is:

1) Just click on any of the banner shown below and register at their site.

2) Then we need to click on the advertisements (worth of $0.01) shown in the websites that we registered for at-least 30 sec till the timer goes off.

3) The advertisements reset every 24 hours and we need to do it daily.

4) When we reach the minimum payout, we can request the payout and it will be sent to our paypal/alertpay account.

5) We can also have direct referrals under ours or rented from the site to earn money fast and easy.

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