Acme People search - I'll tell you this clearly ! ! !

Dear people,

I really love this program. If you know this simple concept, its very easy and a workless job to get nice amount of money from the internet. As you know I have never promoted any scam sites here in my blog! ! OK let me come into this...

This program is nothing but a search engine which have a unique domain name (as you select during the step 2 process). Via this search engine, people can search for their friends, lost ones, loved ones, and other business people etc. Thats it all about.

There are just 3 steps in this program. Just click the below link and enter you e-mail id. Then you will receive a mail with your username and password to complete the 3 steps. I'll tell you this briefly:

Step 1: Affliatize

We need to just sign up the below mentioned 3 programs.

a) clickbank
b) HD Publishing
c) Mylife

and enter your user id in your acme-people search account. These three affiliate ids are used when people come to search their friends or loved ones, they will see 4 links below the search box like "Search by Phone, Search by SSN, Run a Background Check and Find Email Addresses" etc and if they buy this you get an extra bonus and you will be credited in your clickbank, HD publishing and mylife account for the particular sale. But it is not necessary for this program. You will have an extra income. Thats all.

Step 2: Monetize

Its the step which you must to complete for this program. Here you need to signup for a domain hosting account. There are various providers like hostgator, GDI, etc. But it is better going for GDI. Register in this as per the instructions provided on your page. Here in GDI, we have 7 days trial package. Just subscribe and all done.

Step 3: Advertise

When you complete the above two, the step 3 is done by tissa. For the first month he will advertise your site in google, yahoo and bing through his ad-campaigns. The next month if you need to continue your traffic, you need to extend the subscription with Tissa. Its just $29.95. But first month everything is free. 

Sign up the program, complete all the 3 steps, get the promised $125 and come out. No penny cost. If you wanna do a serious online business, you can continue here. Just try it out. Its quite a big amount right? Yes... But it is legitimate.. He is paying.... within 24 hours, you will get your $125 dollars...

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