How to start our own PTC website - For newbies

Start your own PTC website in seconds:

I have researched and googled many articles about "How to start our own PTC website"; but not got any good information. So, I have practically tested and found these would help a newbie to start a PTC website.

There are many things to be considered before starting a PTC website.
  • You need to have well balanced basement plan to start a PTC and running.
  • Your site must not have a design usual as the other ones. If it is similar, it must have an attractive slogan or advertisement to get members.
  • Estimate how much you are going to invest to start a PTC. There are companies that provide 24 hours hosting support with their own PTC script.
  • Plan your click rates and membership rates.
  • Plan your payout options whether or not to give instant payouts.
  • Plan your way of marketing. I suggest spending time and money in advertising will really reach a lot of customers and get good members for your site.
For a rich investment to start PTC:

Ok, let me come to the core. is a website that offers licensed PTC script for starting a PTC website. It may cost around $125- $150. They provide GEN3 script and these script are considered as one of the best script with enhanced functions and of easy use.

This is the first and foremost thing after the initial plans. The next thing is the design of your site. It must be unique and attractive that the visitor must become a member. is a great place to have some unique themes for your PTC. Themes may rance from $30 - $80 dollars excluding buttons, icons and chats windows. All include about $50 dollars. The video has three parts on how to install PTC script. It is not mine but a good one.

Next is the installation process. Unzip the files sent from PTCPay and trial the below instructions first and then go online.
  • Upload the contents of the 'Upload' directory to your root directory. MAKE SURE TO UPLOAD ALL FILES IN BINARY MODE OR IT WILL NOT WORK!
  • Give the files 'lib/lib_database.php' and 'lib/lib.php' and 'configuration.php' 777 rights. This can be done by using set permissions.
  • Create your MySQL database, and User.
  • Grant full access between your MySQL User and database.
  • Import the file 'Database File (SQL)/new_database.sql' into your database.
  • Edit your 'lib/lib_database.php' file and 'forum/lib/lib_database.php' and 'Includes/DBConn.php' and 'forum/connect.php' with your database information.
  • Make sure your SourceGuardian is installed correctly.Simply upload the 'howto-install.php' file to your root directory, run it in your browser, and
    follow the directions. You can find it in your 'Install/SourceGuardian' directory.
  • Go to and login using username 'admin'and password 'admin'.
  • Delete the 'Install' folder and all files under it.
  • Change your admin password and site settings.
  • After that, you should be done!
Google for some nulled scripts and work on that. Then start your PTC online with prelaunch version with some attractive discounts and make lot of members and earn money and also never start if you are not worthy to give payouts to the loyal members of your site.

PTC website with low investment:

If you have $25 dollars a month and wanna start a good PTC, just go to and register your domain and within 24 hours your site will be online. You need to spend on advertisements to get members for your site. But never try to start without having some money in your paypal or alertpay. If you want your site to live longer then make your members happy and be happy with little earnings initially. Then go for the big one.

Hope this helps.... See you guys on the next wonderful online earning opportunity....

************** Internet Money Only For You *******************

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