Making $100 a month in google adsense ? ? ?

Google adsense a short report:

                            I have told most of them about PTC, HYIP and paid to post and many other online earnings in my previous posts. Now let we come to know a little about google adsense. Many of them know google adsense, but don't know how to get earnings on that. Let me give some tips which I know about the earning in google adsense.
  1. Never let google adsense 'take it for granted'.
  2. Treat as a business and place the ads on the site which really has traffic.
  3. Share to everyone the uniqueness of your earning strategy.
  4. Frequent updates on your blog or website get daily visitors.
  5. Respond to comments you receive and visit their site and leave a comment there too.
  6. Unique article is needed for google adsense and I have seen many websites copying other stuffs. Never do that.
  7. The keywords are the most important strategy in google adsense to get traffic and for getting high paying ads.
  8. Make sure you use the right keyword in the right place throughout your content.
  9. Most of all follow the TOS and google policies in each and every blog you have.
Get keywords in the below mentioned link....

You can find some high paying keywords in the below mentioned url, but never start a blog for a keyword. Be a niche for your own content.

More keywords: You can click the below link and get more.
               When traffic hits your site, automatically you get clicks from most users. Advertise the site through digg, delicious and stumbleupon which really brings a lot of visitors to your site. Always keep in mind to post unique contents for your blog.

               Generate curiosity to the visitors to visit your site next time with special reports and news. Work hard initially and when you have constant traffic hits, you will relax and make money online with ease. Google adsense is one of the best to have a 'make money home' concept.. See you in the next post with more info and updates.

24 comments to "Making $100 a month in google adsense ? ? ?"

  • where can i find list of google adsense HPK ? (High Paying Keyword)

  • I just installed adsense in my blog and i feel it takes forever to reach the payout $100... i now know how to bring in people and increasemy ad revenue

  • I have joined svbux recently and i this is a good paying site from your article.. Thanks for giving a nice piece of information..

  • I think it's not so easy to earn much with Google Adsense.You need to own a high traffic site and choose right keyword which is usually clicked

  • I was associated with google adsense for more than a year but I don't know how they closed my account and I am unable to register it again.

  • i just invest the money into this Adsence .But i hope that i reached that $100 .Till now i got only lower than $100 . May be in future i expect that much.Thanks for providing this article .

  • The Amazing Google Adsense Program is today towering like a Colossus in the Internet. It has helped some smart Internet Marketers to make huge amounts of money, for more help visit while at the same time it is interesting to note that many new Internet Marketers and Internet Home-Based Business Entrepreneurs are receiving their first pay check from Google Adsense

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  • I love adsense...I think that it is a great source of income and I have it on all three of my blogs. I have to Christian blogs and one Investment blog. The investment ads I find pay a lot more. Among my sites, The lowest paid click I received was $0.04 and the highest I know of paid $2.73. I only know this because on those days I received only 1 click and that was the amount I made for the day.

  • I have earned with adsense only 10$ in a month.. but now I will try your solution and I hope it works

  • hello, I wanted to thank you for sharing these info with us and really now I wanted to join and knwo more about google adsense and you really teached me how to start.

  • I envy the people with Google Adsense account. I have applied twice already but never approved. I really don't know why. I have the same website like everybody else, offering the same content. This is really puzzling me. Anyway, I will try other user's recommendations and reapply again and again until I get approved.

  • this is the best place for making money i think...good job

  • It's a nice article for those who wants to make money by google adsense.

  • i have my blog but i dont have google adsense account. i also dont know how to creat an account there. i think it is quite difficult to earn money with ad revenue as it takes time to reach $100.

  • I am also associated with Google adsense and they are very strict.I have created a website on cars and got it registered with Google.I have started earning also.Thanks for wonderful tips as to how to increase the traffic.

  • There's a way to hack Google Adsense (I see a book on bookstore) but I never know how to do it...
    I also never try Google Adsense because I don't have many traffic on my blog.

  • nice information about goodgle adsense. My account also slowly but steadily increasing as I joined for some adsense sharing sites.

  • thanks for very useful article is. I'm learning to make money from google adsense. articles that you write is very useful for me. thanks

  • Such a new experience for me. Recently i just knew about PTC and thanks to you i might try this one out. I'm in a bit of situation whereas i need extra income, so thank you for the info

  • good post, even more good blog. You can get information for how to make money from home, but how hard it is really ? i mean, if it is really working anyone can do it also. I asking ther real question, not flaming or something,. i think you should post about it too, not about the trick but about the future of this kind of work. thank you

  • How do ya kno that the listing given on the is correct and not another online blunder? Ne proofs?

  • Recently i just knew about PTC and thanks to you i might try this one out. I'm in a bit of situation whereas i need extra income, so thank you for the info.

    keep posting

  • I also joined some PTC but it takes months of clicking before I reached the cash out amount. Nice blog you have here. Please visit do visit my site.

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