How to increase traffic to your blog - Tips

Hi Friends,

Getting traffic is the toughest part in the process of earning online. Once you are ready with the trusted sites and want to build your downline you need to generate traffic. Promoting products, sites and all other income sources, we need visitors.

How to get traffic and regular visitors:

There are many sources to get daily traffic like traffic exchange, paid advertising etc. But we need free traffic. So how? There are wonderful and great sites which we can get free traffic,  easyhits4u, link referral, entrecard etc and much more. The best among these is entrecard. Let me explain this clearly.

Most of all update your blog more frequently for regular visitors.

It is one of the traffic generating website where you can register your blog and thy will be providing a code where you can see a card like image with a drop option on it (you can see on the right of this blog). 

Once you logged in entrecard and visit a blog having entrecard you can drop there where your existence is recorded on the blog owner's drop box.

A screenshot depicting my inbox.
Join now and generate more traffic.

Once you drop on a blog you earn entrecard credits which can be used in advertising your blog in other entrecards.

Also you can advertise your blog on other person's entrecard with your site image(create a image depicting your blog) and this makes a double traffic. This kind of traffic is genuine and we can make friends related our blogs. It is one of the best blog promotion program. Make comments on other blogs to increase traffic. There are much more opportunities here in this website. JOIN SOON.

The below is you can see on their site.

How Do I get Traffic?

Earn Rank in our Directory
Social Networking
Link Building
Low Cost Paid Advertising

Best traffic generating website I known for years. Just register with your website or blog and start visiting 30 sites a day and post 5 reviews and this traffic is real and we get great ideas and response from users. Make a blog or website your favourite during your browsing. If these are done daily, your site will on top of thousands of blogs and website in their list and it is a great way to generate more traffic.

free web site traffic and promotion

Earning program is available for premium members. You can also invite more people to join.

Hope most of us know this site. A legitimate site for more than 8 years as far as I know. You earn credits for visiting websites. The 50%(the credit you set) of the credit goes to your site traffic and you earn from the other saved percentage. It is a immediate traffic generating website. You cac buy credits as like 1000 for cheap $5 dollar or more.

The Most Popular Traffic Exchange

Best site to earn money just visiting websites including traffic generation to our site as well. For each 25 pages you earn prize which will be a surf drawing ticker or banner or text credits. We can create splash pages to promote sites which we earn etc and much more.

Referring people will earn you money here. Most of all you will do a satisfactory job here with earning the stuffs you need as long as you stay and visit websites.

See you all in other great post. Until then bye ! ! !


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